Sep 10


Not designed a website from scratch in years (literally), so that was quite fun.
Reminded me of the good times!

Thanks to everyone for their help and advice – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Aug 10

Very Taxing

Passed F4, F5, and F6!

Don’t know how I passed Tax, but somehow I did!

Your examination results for the June 2010 session issued on 23-AUG-10 are:
Paper Details: F4ENG Corp & Bus Law
Result: Pass
Mark: 63

Paper Details: F5 Perf. Man.
Result: Pass
Mark: 68

Paper Details: F6UK Tax.
Result: Pass
Mark: 51

I owe Jackie, Ke, and Jay a dinner…

Jun 10

Rum Punch

1 part sour,
2 parts sweet,
3 parts strong,
4 parts weak.

Went to the cocktail party today.
Two rum punches each knocked us out!

Either the ‘4 parts’ were ice instead of water or we’re lightweights! 😉

Jun 10

So annoying

Ban the vuvuzela. Even Nelson Mandela thinks they’re annoying.

Jun 10

Thanks for Big Ears

Bye Rafa.

I wanted you gone, but it is a sad moment today.

May 10

Happy 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday Pacman!

Google shows again that it’s the best search engine with an interactive Google doodle… Hours of fun!

May 10

May 10

No Text Speak

Oh dear. Just received a text from “DCameron”.
At least it didn’t read:

gud morn. DIS iz a historic election – pls remMbR 2 vote Conservative, & 2 teL yor fRnds Y dey shud t%. 2geder, we cn brng chAng.

Apr 10

Solitary Confinement

Fifa 10’s gone. :(
Just for two months, but will seem like a lifetime…

  1. Ben Li says:

    where’s it gone man? i dont get it…lol

  2. Spencer says:

    It’s gone to Lisa’s… Just until the exams are over!

Apr 10

Grand National

State Of Play. Dont Push It. Niche Market.

Come on… One of you do it for me!

  1. Spencer says:

    Thank you Tony McCoy!