Jan 12

What a Load of Tosh

We’ve got a new laptop at work which needs, among other things, Iris transferred over.

Although not the most straightforward of things (SQL database backup and resore), it’s relatively simple and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at most.

Why have I just spent the last FOUR hours failing to install SQL server then?!
The database installs, but the SQL Server Configuration Manager fails to install saying:

Another version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 has been detected that must be updated to SP1. Please update all Visual Studio 2008 installations to SP1 level, by visiting Microsoft Update.

What?! This is a new laptop which hasn’t got Visual Studio installed!

Thank you so much to the following post.

Turns out that there’s a problem with the Toshiba Tools that requires some registry changing.

Open “Regedit” and update the following keys’ value from “0″ to “1″. Please make sure that the SP and SPIndex values are 1 and that the SPName is SP1.

For 32-bit, check the following registry keys:

For 64-bit, check the following registry keys:

I just wish I’d found that post 4 hours earlier!

Oct 11


We have decided to choose Steven Brooks as our wedding photographer.

We had originally decided on <Photographer Number One>. We were happy with him, but everyone was saying that we had to look at others, just so that we could compare.

I adamantly refused to look elsewhere, as I didn’t see the need.

However, I eventually backed down and we went to see Steven. His photos, attitude and professionalism won us over, but this came at a price.

I also found <Photographer Number Three> who initially seemed perfect; The photos looked amazing with his cost falling between the other two. I arranged a meeting which just seemed to be a case of crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.

However, <Photographer Number Three> wanted a proper wedding breakfast meal (the others had wanted a light meal such as a sandwich to stay fresh) and wanted to be seated with all the other guests! He also wanted overnight accommodation and breakfast. This was for him and his assistant! This would be understandable, but the distance between Surrey (where he’s based) and Kent (where the wedding is) isn’t far at all. It would also be up to us and our ushers to organise and coordinate the group shots. What’s that all about?! Especially as he has an assistant.

The final straw was that <Photographer Number Three> has incredibly small hands!

Anyway, we’ve haggled as much as we can with Steven and got the best deal we could have. He’s certainly the most professional of all the photographers we’ve seen and most importantly can take a fantastic photograph.

Sep 11

Seeing Red

I’m on my way to work; I turn around the corner by Forest Hill train station, stop as there’s traffic and next thing you know – BANG a car goes into the back of me.

To make it worse, it’s a driving instuctor from Red driving school. Yes, the instructor, not a learner.

If any of you are interested – I wouldn’t take lessons from a Mr Hassany Ahmed.

We pull over and exchange details, so that’s all good. Just don’t need this hassle though.

Jul 11

Gobble Gobble

So after a few weeks of visit various venues, we’ve decided on Turkey Mill.

All the other venues had something not quite right about them and Turkey Mill just seemed right.

Availability was an issue as we wanted a Saturday during the school holidays.

We originally booked for 3rd November 2012, but while deciding we realised that we’d lose a lot from such beautiful grounds due to it getting dark early.

Chances of the weather being bad were also worrying us.

So we’ve decided on 27th July 2013…

Yes that’s 2013!

Now have to sort out organising the rest of the wedding… Only 2 years to go!

May 11

BB Bargain

I’ve been impressed with Lisa’s new phone, a BlackBerry Torch, so I decided to see what deals I could get on a new phone. My Nokia N96 has seen better days!

Quidco are doing £100 cashback on Blackberry contracts.
I’d have to change tariffs, and will have to pay £6 on a 24 month contract.
I can get £43.43 back from Phone Recycle Bank for my old N96.

Hmmm… £6 x 24 = £144
£100 + £43.43 = £143.43
Which means I effectively get a new BlackBerry for 57p!

I know it’s not as straight forward as that – but it’s enough for me to order a BlackBerry Torch as well!

Reminded me of this:

Mar 11

Tuck That – You can Flip Right Off!

So the London Olympic 2012 tickets are out.

Really want to watch the Gymnastics (Men’s Floor Exercise Final, Women’s Vault Final, Men’s Pommel Horse Final) at the O2 (renamed North Greenwich arena), but the pricing looks a lot:

£450.00 – AA
£295.00 – A
£185.00 – B
£95.00 – C
£50.00 – D

So where’s the seating plan?
Oh there isn’t one.
So we’re supposed to fork out at least £100 for a pair of tickets, but have no idea of where we’ll be sitting.

The London 2012 website says:

Tickets in price category A will provide seating that is generally closer to the field of play than tickets in price category D at the same session and venue. Lower price categories will still provide a great Games experience.

Well, that’s alright then!

Here’s a pic of of the O2:

See those dots? That’s probably what the gymnasts will look like from the cheaper seats.
And when I say “cheaper”…

Bloody joke.

Feb 11

(Word)Pressing Issue

So I decide to upgrade to WordPress 3.1 and suddenly this site doesn’t load. Firefox says that the “server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

After a quick look on WordPress Support Forum shows that the problem is specific to Windows servers. Fortunately, someone has a plugin to fix the problem: Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack.

Adding this fix, however, results in JavaScript errors appearing using the Compositio theme.

[Hence the latest redesign of this site based on the Urban Elements theme.]

I’m really happy that things are working again, but seriously – having to install a plugin to fix a core problem like this is like sticking a plaster on a severed arm!

Don’t get me wrong – I love the work that the people at WordPress do… everything is free and normally works a dream, but it was a BIG mistake letting this bug through.

  1. Spencer says:

    This appears to be fixed in the latest WordPress release – 3.1.2

Feb 11

Can’t Account For That

ACCA results today… Messed up big time!

I was so certain I’d failed F7: Financial Reporting, but thought I’d done enough to pass F8: Audit and Assurance and F9: Financial Management.

So what happens? Pass F7, Fail F8 and F9. Typical.
Such a loser!

So what now? Need to get my arse into gear and try and sit 4 papers in June (F8, F9, P1, and P3).
Yes, it’s going to be tough – but I’m going to give it a go!

Jan 11

Dec 10


So I’d received the ring(s) and just couldn’t wait until Christmas to do it as first planned!

Got back late from the libarary and after a take-away (and a whisky) it just seemed right…

I got the “fake” ring out of my pocket and showed it to Lisa. I explained that as I’m back to being a student, that money was tight and it was all I could afford right now – but hopefully she still likes it…
She assured me she did and accepted my proposal!

I kept asking whether she liked it and I was sorry that it was all I could afford.
She said it was lovely and that she liked it.

I went out and got another box, which contained the real ring.
The relief on Lisa’s face when she opened it was priceless!

  1. Tracey Watson says: