We have decided to choose Steven Brooks as our wedding photographer.

We had originally decided on <Photographer Number One>. We were happy with him, but everyone was saying that we had to look at others, just so that we could compare.

I adamantly refused to look elsewhere, as I didn’t see the need.

However, I eventually backed down and we went to see Steven. His photos, attitude and professionalism won us over, but this came at a price.

I also found <Photographer Number Three> who initially seemed perfect; The photos looked amazing with his cost falling between the other two. I arranged a meeting which just seemed to be a case of crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.

However, <Photographer Number Three>¬†wanted a proper wedding breakfast meal (the others had wanted a light meal such as a sandwich to stay fresh) and wanted to be seated with all the other guests! He also wanted overnight accommodation and breakfast. This was for him and his assistant! This would be understandable, but the distance between Surrey (where he’s based) and Kent (where the wedding is) isn’t far at all. It would also be up to us and our ushers to organise and coordinate the group shots. What’s that all about?! Especially as he has an assistant.

The final straw was that <Photographer Number Three> has incredibly small hands!

Anyway, we’ve haggled as much as we can with Steven and got the best deal we could have. He’s certainly the most professional of all the photographers we’ve seen and most importantly can take a fantastic photograph.